About Us


Eclipse Merchant Servicess reputation has been built not only on our high-tech solutions, but also on our award-winning customer service.


What We Offer

Simply put, we help merchants meet and exceed their business objectives. We have a complete line of products and services tailored to the bankcard processing needs of virtually any business. We structure programs to help you maximize your profits, and to ease the pressures normally associated with “watching your bottom line.”


Industry Leaders in Customer Service

We believe that first-rate service organizations can only be built by providing the best customer support in the industry. Our merchant experts are highly trained to answer all questions pertaining to bankcard processing activity, including: chargebacks, managing risk, terminal procedures, and software issues. Plus, our merchant experts can help you become a better merchant by explaining processing procedures, such as how to reduce charge-backs.


Easy to Get Started

Because we maintain liberal approval guidelines, we can offer non-cash processing solutions for virtually any business type, including: eCommerce, wholesale, restaurant, and retail establishments.

In addition, we give our customers peace-of-mind knowing that all merchant accounts are reviewed for potential risk situations. This includes transaction reviews for credit card fraud, plus assistance with retrievals and chargebacks.