Affiliate Program


Earn significant upfront referral and recurring residual income through our Affiliate Program. Merchant Service Express is quickly growing to be the nation’s most trusted provider of online payment services. A wide variety of businesses, from start-ups to billon dollar companies, select Merchant Services Express every month for reliable, affordable, and easy to use credit card processing. Come and see what our Affiliate Program can do for you, whether it be Internet, mobile, or retail merchant services, we’ve got the right solution for you! Join our Affiliate Program and start earning more by reselling internet, mobile and retail credit card accounts!


Offer Authorize.Net & eCommerce Merchant Accounts to Your Clients!


Join our Affiliate Program and reap these great benefits:


Be confident with your payment solutions – Partner with Merchant Services Express!


Co-Branded Online Merchant Account Application!!!

Merchant Services Express Value Added Resellers include:

Provide Competitive Visa/MasterCard Rates & Fees!!!


Features and benefits of Merchant Services Express Merchant Accounts:


Abundant Upfront Referral Fees

For every merchant that applies and is approved for a new Merchant Service Express account using your branded Online Application that is provided to you, receive an Upfront of $30.  Each month you will receive a residual report showcasing your entire merchant portfolio, how many merchants signed up, how much volume from Visa/MasterCard they processed, their average ticket, and the revenue on each account.


Continuous Recurring Residuals

For ever merchant you refer to Merchant Services Express,  you will receive ongoing monthly residual payments – for as long as they use their services!  Receive a 20% revenue from your merchants’ monthly sales and recurring fees.  This amount will vary greatly based on the processing volume, but we will give you about 6$ each month for any merchants that do not process any transactions.  WIth larger merchants you can earn up to $100 or more per month, and the sky’s the limit on how much you can make or how many merchants you can get to sign up!  We will send you a monthly check – no minimum number of applications required and no minimum check amount!


Residual Reporting

Each Affiliate will receive a secure login and passowrd to your own online account, showing your entire portfolio, which new merchants signed up each month, how much Visa/MasterCard volume was processed, and the revenue for each account.  We will send you a monthly check – no minimum number of applications required and no minimum check amount!


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